We Have 20 Days to Stop Industrial Wind Turbines in Our Area!!!!


492 ft. Industrial Wind Turbines Do Not Have To Be Our Future


Our area will be forever changed if we allow this project to go forward


We don't have to have it---and we don't need it

Turbines today – Fracking tomorrow


We believe town laws have been disregarded – and we won’t stand for it!


Remember 6 turbines will be only the beginning – Don’t let the area become another Tug Hill!


You Can do Something about it!  Don't stay on the sidelines…

Join the fight!


We are already taking legal action - and we need your help!!!!

NO contribution is too small

Make a Check or Money Order payable to our Attorney: Douglas Zamelis


Mail to: Protect Richfield

P. O. Box 95

Richfield Springs, NY 13439


For more information-or to get involved -visit our web site:


or call 985-5814 or 360-2873

Ø    The project will have negative effects on property values.  Many sources cite 40% decrease in property values near these turbines.  There will be no reduction in property taxes and in time, the tax base of a community will decrease.


Ø    Turbine noise is described as a jet plane that never lands.  They also create shadow flicker, vibrations and serious health problems related to a lack of sleep.   


Ø    These turbines will be the tallest in the United States!


Ø    The wind developers push these projects because they make huge profits with our tax dollars.  It is a massively subsidized industry and they also receive huge tax reductions.  We are not even a good wind area per the New York State Annual Wind Speed Map.  IT IS CORPORATE GREED AT ITS WORST.  THEY GET OUR MONEY AND WE GET THE PROBLEMS.


Ø    You can be green and against wind turbines.  Wind developers paint a rosy picture but little of what they say is accurate.  In fact, wind power is expensive and controversial and has never resulted in a conventional power plant being closed.  It does not meet base or peak power demands.





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